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The Story Behind

  • In 1972 scientist created special devise called J.A.C.K.
  • J.A.C.K. gives possibility to the police detectives to repeat memories of the victim, that should help to find suspect more faster
  • J.A.C.K. technology use deprivation system to transfer last memories of the victim to detective mind that gives possibility to travel throughs this memories and find possible suspect
  • Starting from 1973 J.A.C.K. technology started to be used by some of the police depts.
  • It has shown great results and in 1974 this technology start to be used in all police depts in Chicago
  • In 1976 first lethal using of technology was documented - one of the detective after session with J.A.C.K. fell into the coma
  • In 1977 more than 100 detectives were injured by J.A.C.K. technology - some of them fell into the come, some of them had side effects such as - sleep disorder and paranoia
  • During the next two years the using of J.A.C.K. technology was decreased and starting from 1979 using of it was forbidden
  • Only some secret depts still continue to use J.A.C.K. for theirs investigations

See No Dreams - is the story of a private detective from a secret unit that suffers from side effect of using J.A.C.K. technology and tries to uncover one of the cases, which he was assigned.

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