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Isles of Umbra is a first person exploration game where you're playing as John Wilbur – archeologist who suffers from chthonic nightmares. Every night he finds himself at the ancient islands inhabited by mysterious creatures who trying to break into the real world. Your goal is to perform the Seal Ritual and imprison evil beings. You have a limited amount of time, every visit to dreamlands reduces it. You need to communicate with islanders and solve puzzles to find artifacts. But beware: all of islanders are eager to break into our world at any cost.


  • Interactive interpretation of H.P. Lovecraft novels
  • Accent on exploration
  • Creepy noises!


IslesOfUmbraWin.zip 119 MB
IslesOfUmbraMac.zip 120 MB


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This looks amazing

Just a beautiful game. Loved the design and the story (we are big Lovecraft fans).

Can't wait for the full release.

Keep up the good work !!!

Looks interesting, but the "jump all text up and down five times a second randomly, on all screens, for no reason" is a severe mistake. I don't want a headache from playing a game. Options screen doesn't really have options - the option to turn this off would have been good.

I gave up quickly.


This is a weird yet really cool point & click adventure game. The graphics are all very well done, the music is creepy and atmospheric, and the story is interesting. My favorite aspect of this game is the ability to look around as if a regular first person game. Plus I love the unique filter this game has, making the game look as if its an old time movie without sound. Combine that with the unique yet and weird story the game presents and this is an interesting game. All in all a well made demo and I hope that this game will be completed so that I might answer the questions I have. I did a video on my experience with the demo if anyone is interested.

WAIT.....I'M THE SPIRIT? | Isles of Umbra Demo


... Did the title of your video just spoil the game? :/